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and efficiency in mind

Develop CMS themes quickly and efficiently while providing flexibility and ease-of-use for end-users

What is Gantry?

Best themes of 2020:

Gantry 5 was made from the ground up to make life easier for both the developer and the user.
Themes made with Gantry 5 share a consistent user experience, reducing the learning curve for both parties.
So, whether you are managing one site or fifty, the process for managing your theme
is the same no matter how many different themes you use.

In particular there is a focus on using a GUI to design your site rather than having to code everything by hand.
A lot of options can be changed in the administration area of the Template Framework and for the more adventurous
or web developers amongst you there is a lot of scope to alter styling and other things because Gantry is based
on a text file configuration (YAML) and editing these text files is easy.

Gantry 5 is really easy to use. It has drag-and-drop functionality that enables you to dramatically change the layout
of your sitein seconds without ever having to even touch your keyboard. Gantry is a theming framework.
To better define Gantry’s role in your website, here are some helpful definitions:

Like the best website frameworks, Gantry features a fully responsive design which you can see in action
on the demo site. Simply resize your browser window to see how the page layout responds to screens
with narrower widths, such as smartphones and tablets. The responsive 960 grid system
has been built using Twitter Bootstrap for maximum compatibility.